Soil Stabilisation


A New Age Modified Emulsion which is lipophilic (Firm attachment to Bitumen) as well as Hydrophobic (Water Resistant) with great aggreagte adhesion and strength.

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A New Age Modified Clear Emulsion that is a clear setting agent that creates a firm attachment to create superior binding and Hydrophobicity.

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Prime & Tack Coats


A quick drying (15-30 minutes) and Tack Free Prime coat. GeNano-Prime is chemically bonding and creates a fully waterproofed drained layer. Ensures 100% stress transfer due to greater (100%) coverage. Less emulsion is required as with traditional methods. Deeply penetrative (2-8 mm) with zero volatile emissions. 

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‘Tack Free’ tack coat with improved spreading, 100% coverage with NO nozzle clogging and zero volatile emissions. Chemical bonding, Water resistance, 100% stress transfer, sets quickly (15 to 45 minutes) and eliminates tyre pick-up, reduced tracking, improved penetration, reduced slippage and reduced emulsion required.  

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Dust Suppresants


Used on any form of trafficked area’s, roads and gravel roads.
“GeNano Dust’ can be supplied in 3 versions: In New Age Modified Anionic Bitumen or Cationic Bitumen Solution or in a New Age Modified Polymer Clear Setting solution. Due to the modification process of Bituminous or clear emulsions, only very small amounts need to be added and applied to effectively create a deep penetrating, hydrophobic and cost-effective solution with NO tired pick-up or Nozzle blocking in sprayers. Water is used as the carrier fluid (200-500lts per litre of New Age Modified Liquid).

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Used on any form of non-trafficked areas or roads. EG: Mine dumps and tailing dams.
‘GeNano Crust’ has been designed as a ‘clear setting’ Emulsion that will form a deeply penetrative, Hydrophobic, hard but flexible crust that will not interfere with the Aesthetics of the surrounding Environment. High volumes of carrier fluid are used (25lts to 200lts – application dependent), which creates major cost benefits. ‘GeNano Crust’ chemically bonds to aggregate to ensure a ‘Long lasting and UV stable solution that requires NO specialised equipment.

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Road Maintenance


Is a high strength pre-blended NME (New Age Modified Emulsion) that can be added to most in-situ materials at OMC (Optimum Moisture Content) to create a superior aggregate binder, longer lasting weather resistance, Hydrophobic solution at a fraction of the price of traditional Pot Hole repair kits. These liquids are also cheaper to transport than traditional cold Asphalt solutions, since aggregate can be sourced locally. The product can be mixed on site and hand compacted. No specialised machinery is required.  This product can also be used in the repair of shoulders, edge breaks, surface failures as well as potholes.

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Is an instant wearing course ‘plaster’ application that is easily applied to the repaired pavement area for a permanent Pothole repair. Client specific solutions can be designed that will incorporate ‘stone size’ and ‘stone choke’.

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Slurry Solutions and Stone Seals


Is a high viscous lipophilic Nano silanated liquid that acts effectively as an aggregate adhesive which “permanently” binds the bitumen to the aggregate and renders the aggregate hydrophobic and repels water from the mix and assist’s in the stability and improved distribution of the bitumen particles, effectively reducing the percentage of binder required to achieve the same engineering properties in terms of tensile and compressive strengths.


Is a Nano Silane Modified Anionic SS60 bitumen Emulsion that can be mixed on site with standard concrete mixers and applied labour intensively by hand in one application using squeegees. NMS is a cold mix application that is easily stored and stable with increased weather and traffic load resistance. By using NMS results in the lowering of the binder percentage added which eliminates bleeding, which makes this solution very cost effective. The aggregate normally used consists of quarry dust mixed with river sand.

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