Its important to not only understand the grading of soils and performing ‘traditional’ basic Macroscopic testing such as UCS (Unconfined Compressive Strength) and ITS (Tensile Strength), but also to understand the mineral and chemical composition of soils via Spectroscopy Analyses such as XRD (X-Ray Diffraction) testing. These tests will identify problematic chemicals, crystals and mineral structures with-in these materials which will enable us to treat accordingly to avoid further decomposition and weathering.

Mix Designs

Once this testing protocol have been completed, we are then able to create the appropriate mix design according to the client’s specific requirements using ‘New Age Modified’ Emulsifying techniques (NME) that fall in line with already excepted and documented construction standards. This will allow us to too create a more cost-effective and weather resistant solution with superior UCS (Unconfirmed Compression Strength) and ITS (Indirect Tensile Strength) using local or in-situ materials with much lower dosage rates of NME Technology.  


  • Standard soil testing and data including indicator tests, MDD, OMC and Sieve.
  • XRD (X-Ray Diffraction) Testing to identify the mineralogy of the soil.
  • Cost effective mix designs using local or in-situ materials at lower dosage rates.
  • UCS (Unconfined Compressive Strength) tests as well as ITS (Indirect Tensile Strengths) to perform in line with client specific requirements.
  • Testing of DRY vs WET strengths to determine retained cohesion of materials.


  • Development of client specific slurry seals
  • Development of high-end Dust Suppressants for trafficked and Non-trafficked areas
  • Development of Prime and Tack coats
  • Development of Hydrophobic solutions to reduce and eliminate weathering and wearing
  • Development of Pothole repair kits using local or In-situ materials
  • Development of solutions in waste material which includes slime, slag, coal for a variation of client Economic Gain and Job Creation, which include re-purposing or re-use in areas such as Road Construction, Brick Making, Pothole repairing, slurries, grouts etc…
  • Client and material specific Structural waterproofing
  • Training and Skills transfer
  • Supervision and Knowledge
  • Student development and sponsorships

Our Philosophy is very simple ‘No Solution, No Pay’.
(With the exclusion of any outsourced work that may be required)