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GeoNano Technology is a well-established South African based company operating Nationally as well as Internationally. 

Our Head Quarters are based in Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa which is home to our Research and Development facility for Product and Materials Research. This facility also houses our Soil and Materials testing laboratory as well as our Modified Emulsification Plant.

We have been and continue to be the Pioneers in the development of scientifically proven and cost-effective solutions for flexible Road Pavements, incorporating a variety of design specific and compatible ‘New Age Modified Emulsions’ and mineral conversion techniques and technologies.

By the introduction of these techniques and technologies, we can successfully and with a high degree of confidence, build more affordable moisture resistant structures which are stronger, longer lasting using ‘naturally’ available materials WITHOUT the use of cementitious products, thereby creating greater pavement flexibility.

 Our team has combined experience in the fields of Civil Engineering, Geotechnical and Minerology, Chemistry, Nano Science ,Bitumen and Emulsions.

Our philosophy is not in ‘The re-invention of The Wheel’, but rather in the innovative adaptation and remodelling of traditionally accepted Road Pavement designs and construction methods by incorporating proven Nano Science and Chemistry.

We are proudly involved with the Highest ranked Faculty of Engineering in Africa, having sponsored several final and post graduate students, which enables us to build the foundation for a strong and sound engineering background to all our products.

Through the involvement of both students and academics, we have identified the best available ‘New Age’, Modified Emulsions (NME) using Nano Science and mineral conversion technologies, thereby continuously improving products and developing optimal design procedures and methods based on fundamental scientific principles, making them universally applicable, therefore adding value and contributing to the greatly needed service delivery of transportation infrastructure at a considerable reduction in Road unit costs.


Once materials have been tested and the minerology of the material has been identified, we are then able to provide a ‘material compatible’ modified emulsion. NME technology is NOT based on a ‘Trial and Error’ approach, but on the identification of the inherent material minerology and material particle size. Once identified we can safely Incorporate the modifying agents that chemically modify traditional stabilising agents, such as Bitumen Emulsion. This modification enables the stabilising agent to chemically attach to the naturally available stone/ gravel/ soil materials. 

The chemical attachment that is absent in normal bitumen emulsion products (that relies on electrical and mechanical forces, through interlocking and absorption to gain strength) considerably improves bond strengths. 

These high chemical bond strengths enable the use of naturally available materials in all pavement layers of roads, meeting (usually exceeding by some margin) the engineering requirements in terms of stresses, strains and durability in any pavement layer. These modified emulsions are not ‘Load sensitive’ and can therefore be used for all pavement designs from Low Trafficked Roads to Super Highways. 

Through the advancement of these technologies, they can now successfully be introduced into other areas, including, primes, bituminous layers, gravel road seals, labour intensive slurry seals, Pot Hot Repair solutions, various types of fog sprays and dust suppressants, structural protection as well as the recapitalisation of waste materials i.e slag, slime, coal etc and even the re-pelletising of coal dust. ‘Notably, all these applications are applied cold’, negating the need for special heating requirements and expensive machinery.

This Environmentally Green technology contributes immensely to the conservation of the natural environment and limited resources and further curbs the negative impacts of human destruction.

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